Bespoke Workholding and Fixtures for Manufacturing

By choosing us to supply your bespoke workholding, you consequently benefit from our team’s engineering expertise. In addition to years of experience designing and manufacturing fixturing. We collaborate with you to first analyse geometries, material characteristics and machining method. And thereafter consider stability, accessibility and repeatability, to optimize the design and develop a robust means of holding the workpiece. To be sure it integrates into your new or existing CNC machining centers. Our custom workholding and fixtures have been developed and built for many industries, including aerospace, nuclear, defence, and automotive.

Advanced Workholding Solutions

Moreover, while ensuring accurate workpiece positioning and reliable performance, our solutions can seamlessly incorporate advanced features like PLCs, pneumatic and hydraulic control solutions, cutting-edge clamping mechanisms, automation, and sensor technology. This optimizes overall system efficiency and enhances process control. From tombstones, to simple manual vises, to advanced fixtures incorporating technology and automation. Our solutions are designed, manufactured and assembled, to ensure that you can produce precision components, operation after operation. We understand above all, the importance of dependable, high-quality workholding in achieving your production goals with confidence. In addition we collaborate with Hyde Tooling to provide the FCS System modular workholding.

The primary considerations for bespoke workholding supply: –

Consequently, delivering successful bespoke workholding projects has to incorprate the following: –
  • Customization
    Bespoke workholding supply involves tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer, taking into account factors such as part geometry, production requirements, and machinery specifications.
  • Precision Engineering
    It encompasses the design and manufacture of workholding solutions with high precision and accuracy to ensure reliable performance and optimal part positioning during machining operations.
  • Collaboration
    Effective bespoke workholding supply often involves close collaboration between the supplier and the customer, including understanding the machining process, providing technical expertise, and incorporating feedback to refine the final solution.

Why Choose Us

Our precision engineering capability is industry recognised and highly regarded across multiple sectors. We deliver both extensive expertise in providing comprehensive engineering support and an advanced manufacturing approach. On top of this, we have a proven track record gained through our collaboration with a wide range of clients. Read more on our projects page.

Value Collaboration

We prioritize collaborative partnerships with our customers, valuing their input, fostering mutual understanding, and delivering tailored solutions to meet needs.

Precision Engineering

Our precision engineering excels in intricate detail, tight tolerances, and high-quality finishes, ensuring superior performance and reliability in every component.

Advanced Manufacturing

Through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies, our advanced engineering approach drives efficiency, quality, and excellence in every project we undertake.