Advanced Engineering Supply Solutions By Engineers For Engineers

Based centrally in the UK, we bring value driven engineering services right to the doorstep of our respected customers.

As a small business we operate with genuine enthusiasm for the industry, taking great pride in offering advanced manufacturing solutions. Our engineers are dedicated to providing a tailored service to clients, above all ensuring the highest level of customer support. With sector specific experience in aerospace, automotive, defence, marine, medical, and nuclear. We consequently have a wide remit of knowledge and skill in these areas. We provide both remote and on-site applications support, including bespoke CAD design and CAM programming. To sourcing multi-axis manufacturing capacity and component supply, and 3D printing. As stand alone provisions, or combined, we are committed to making a real difference to your business. Our projects and services pages specifically detail our full range of capabilities and provide practical examples of our work.
Engineers implementing precision engineering applications support on a cnc machine.

Who We Work With

Whilst we do not have manufacturing facility, CNC machining remains at the forefront of our precision engineering solution provision. Hence we partner with a number of technically capable and accreditation approved machining suppliers, enabling us to supply complex components.   These production partners have already been through the rigorous assessments required to attain ISO9001, AS9100, ISO14001, and ISO45001 standards. Additionally achieving certification in Cyber Essentials Plus. Selecting establishments meeting these requirements highlights our, and their, unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest level of quality assurance. This collaboration without doubt, capitalises on the strengths of all parties, to deliver complete solutions that plug supply chain gaps. Making a real difference to customers, enabling them to achieve their goals with confidence. Examples of this in action can be found within the case studies shared on our project page.