Outsourced Engineering Applications Support

Engineering expertise forms the foundation of our applications support provision. We work with engineers who are both qualified and have decades of multi-sector experience in hands on practical mechanical engineering. As well as being technically capable in off-line computer aided design, programming and virtual simulation. To above all ensure that our engineered concepts translate into efficient manufacturing methodologies in practice. Not only is our engineering team proficient in various applications and production approaches, they are also knowledgable in related analyses. Meaning you can in addition, leverage crucial tools like FEA, MBD, PFMEA, and DFMEA, to ensure effective design, and manufacture. This holistic approach explicitly guarantees our production processes adhere to stringent quality standards, expedite delivery, and optimize overall efficiency.

Applications Support Options

Our engineering applications service can be integrated into a comprehensive turnkey manufacturing solution, combining all our services. Or provided to you as standalone offerings, with attention to your requirements at that time. Whether due to capacity restraints, or a lack of sufficiently skilled resources. The majority of our clients are established businesses which already have industrial processes in place. They are looking to either optimize, improve or expand their current production. Or implement a new process into their manufacturing plan. In both instances these require short-term, project based interventions, rather than long term employed resource. As can be seen in practice on our projects page. The benefit of outsourcing to us, is that you can harness the expertise garnered over years of work in the industry. Not only improving your own business’s efficiency, but increasing your capability to serve a broader clientele.

We offer 3 primary facets to our applications support: –

  • CAD, CAM & Virtual Simulation
    We partner with world-renown software provider MasterCAM, and we utilise packages by Siemens NX, EdgeCAM, Fusion360 and CAMAssist. To enable us to create detailed models, develop efficient cutting paths, and generate virtual simulations. And consequently facilitate our engineers to uphold the highest standards in offline engineering.

  • Manufacturing Methodology Design
    We consult and collaborate with your team, to design and develop a bespoke manufacturing process using your existing equipment. We have experience in using a wide range of machine tools including DMG Mori, Doosan, Makino, Matsuura, Mazak, and Spinner. Alongside their associated controls including Fanuc, Mazatrol, Siemens, and Heidenhain.

  • Process Validation & Hand-over
    Our team of qualified professionals will be by your side to execute a thorough prove-out of the production process. They are both experienced in operating cnc machines and have a proven track record in training on them. With the result that we confidently hand-off to your staff, to run and manage the new process at the project’s conclusion.

Why Choose Us

Our precision engineering capability is industry recognised and highly regarded across multiple sectors. We deliver both extensive expertise in providing comprehensive engineering support and an advanced manufacturing approach. On top of this, we have a proven track record gained through our collaboration with a wide range of clients. Read more on our projects page.

Value Collaboration

We prioritize collaborative partnerships with our customers, valuing their input, fostering mutual understanding, and delivering tailored solutions to meet needs.

Precision Engineering

Our precision engineering excels in intricate detail, tight tolerances, and high-quality finishes, ensuring superior performance and reliability in every component.

Advanced Manufacturing

Through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies, our advanced engineering approach drives efficiency, quality, and excellence in every project we undertake.